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The Disappearing Brooklyn Stoop

Brownstoner posted a terrific, in-depth article about something topically relevant to this site. But it’s also something that I’ve noticed all over NYC since the early

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Smoking hot salsa: Anacaona

I’m told that technically this music is more timba than salsa. Timba is a Cuban variant identified by attributes like a trap kit drummer, strong

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The GOASTT of Lennon

I was a huge Beatles fan when I was a kid. It was mostly the Beatles who introduced me to music and Paul McCartney’s lyrical

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Republican History Is Circular

I remember the photo of Donald Rumsfeld with a big smile, glad-handing Saddam after sealing a military sale of chemical and biological weapons to Iraq.

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American Steel vs. American Steal

Few companies have symbolized the resiliency of American manufacturing and the American retro spirit more than has Harley-Davidson, America’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer.  Whatever one might

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The Mueller Report Proves “Collusion”

On Thursday, April 19, the report of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible involvement by the Trump campaign

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Deconstructing the Myth of Tax Cuts

How many times and for how many decades does this ridiculous myth about “Trickle Down” have to be resuscitated and used by dishonest politicians to

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