Let’s talk about “rat infested”

This week Trump unleashed another unhinged, racist Twitter rant, this one targeting Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland. It was in response to Cummings’ outrage over…

Trump Isn’t The Problem. We Are.

Trump is just a symptom of a much larger and more dangerous problem. It’s like blaming tequila for your hangover. Thanks to a series of…
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Smoking hot salsa: Anacaona

Okay, I’m told that technically it’s more timba than salsa. Timba is a Cuban variant. Timba is identified by a few (debatably relevant) attributes like…

The GOASTT of Lennon

I was a huge Beatles fan when I was a kid. It was mostly the Beatles who introduced me to music and Paul McCartney’s lyrical…
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The Disappearing Brooklyn Stoop

Brownstoner posted a terrific, in-depth article about something topically relevant to this site. But it’s also something that I’ve noticed all over NYC since the early…

What will $9 million get me in Brooklyn?

What’s the most expensive/least affordable city in America? Most people would answer San Francisco because of all the tech money or Honolulu because, well, who…
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