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The Red Spurt

We’re already seeing what was predicted by pundits on both sides following Biden’s inauguration. I mean political experts including former Republican pols, not cable news

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What’s with the lying?

A contributor on Quora asked yesterday: It’s because the GOP is rudderless and has been since the Neocon/Teaparty takeover of the party in the 1990s

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Is Stoop Dog a Closet Metalhead?

Not really. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Metallica are the deepest dives I’ve made into heavy metal. I own no Maiden, Sabbath, Priest or Crüe.

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The Herd Immunity Paradox

There’s a built-in fallacy to herd immunity that shows the difference between a mathematical model where there’s an assumption of even distribution and the practical

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Over Ain’t Over

Yogi Berra had it right. Those who believe that this global nightmare is over are overwhelmingly the reason why it’s not, nor will it be

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What About the Next One?

A contributor on one of the social media venues I use asked a sobering question: “If Ebola were to break out in the US in

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