My Weirdest July Fourth Ever

In October 2012, I was riding with some friends upstate when I rounded a blind curve on a farm-country, tertiary road and my 700 pound

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A Tale Of Two Covid-19 Americas

Today, New York City enters Phase 2 of Governor Cuomo’s staged Coronavirus reopening. NYC met the seven criteria needed to move forward. Meanwhile,1350 miles to the southwest of NYC,

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No, It Doesn’t Mean What It Says

The “Defund the Police” chant was heard at protests all over the country last week and then hyped by right-wing media shills desperate to distract

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Fake #FakeNews

Isn’t is strange that we didn’t have Fake News until we had a fake president with a fake tan, fake hair, fake medical records and

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Here Comes the Flu Klux Klan

Greetings from NYC, the hottest of American hotbeds for Covid-19.  For a guy like me who’s worked from home since 2005 and who hates physical

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