No, It Doesn’t Mean What It Says

The “Defund the Police” chant was heard at protests all over the country last week and then hyped by right-wing media shills desperate to distract

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Fake #FakeNews

Isn’t is strange that we didn’t have Fake News until we had a fake president with a fake tan, fake hair, fake medical records and

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Here Comes the Flu Klux Klan

Greetings from NYC, the hottest of American hotbeds for Covid-19.  For a guy like me who’s worked from home since 2005 and who hates physical

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It’s Official. It’s a Pandemic

On the same day that the World Health Organization officially decreed Covid-19 to be a pandemic in order to bolster public awareness of the seriousness

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Will it help Trump in 2020?

It’s over.  It was the expected party-line vote but the evidence against Trump was irrefutable in a 300 page document from the House Select Intelligence

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What Happens If Trump Resigns?

This question appeared on Quora yesterday: If Trump resigns, can he still be tried for high crimes as a private citizen? “High Crimes”, like “Abuse

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Let’s talk about “rat infested”

This week Trump unleashed another unhinged Twitter rant, this one targeting Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland. It was in response to Cummings’ outrage over the

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