“Powell was never my attorney!” “I was never indicted!”

There’s been a week of jaw-droppingly deranged statements by Trump, which to summarize include:

  • that he beat Obama in 2016 and said so twice during the same speech,
  • that Biden would lead us into World War 2,
  • confusing Jeb Bush for George W. Bush,
  • that you need a license to buy bread,
  • that Sidney Powell was never his attorney,
  • that Biden was responsible for his indictments even though half of them were brought by states and indictments are voted on by juries of ordinary citizens not politicians,
  • that he was never indicted,
  • saying that Viktor Orbán was the “leader of Turkey” when he’s the prime minister of Hungary,
  • being caught by a Fox News reporter for once again confusing Biden for Obama,
  • that Joe Biden has a plastic nose. No, he really said that.

As if we needed more proof that Trump has a smooth brain. The stress and seriousness of these upcoming prosecutions are showing just how flimsy his grasp on reality has become.

Trump apparently believes he can gaslight and scam his way out of anything because up until now it’s pretty much been true. But now every time he opens that anus of a mouth he can’t help but screw himself. His comments about Powell not only negated any attorney-client privilege that might still exist to keep Powell from revealing their most compromising communications but it also undermined his ridiculous defense that his lawyers gave him bad advice and led him to believe he’d won 2024. With Jenna Ellis now taking a plea, which lawyers are these? Only Rudy is left from Trump’s original “Election Fraud Elite Strike Force” and Giuliani is only one scandal away from begging for quarters at traffic lights.

The irony is that if you listen to Jenna Ellis’ allocution in court today, she’s blaming “lawyers with many more years of experience than I” for misleading her about election fraud. She essentially robbed Trump of using that defense. Dollars to donuts, that will be a key point in Willis’ prosecution: who misled who? In the end, that flaming bag of dog poop will land on Trump’s doorstep abetted by his hunchbacked Igor minion with sideburn diarrhea, Rudy Giuliani.

Not that Ellis’ alibi is any more believable than Trump’s. Does she expect the court to believe that she doesn’t own a TV or a computer or talk with other people including members of Trump’s staff where the sane world has been expressing its outrage over Trump’s Big Lie since before January 6th?

If Trump was an ordinary civilian his kids would have hidden his car keys and petitioned the court for power of attorney by now. By the time he gets to a courtroom he’ll be like the crazy uncle who lives in the attic and is only seen at family holiday dinners… which, if I gave Trump any credit for cleverness, could be his set up for a mental incompetency plea.


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