Another Question from the Quora Mailbag

Why is Donald Trump making his 2024 election strategy about himself rather than the Democratic party?


That’s not his strategy. That’s what he is. He’s a malignant narcissist and sees everything as only about himself. If a hapless farmer falls off a corn silo in Indiana he’ll find a way to work himself into the story so that he’s its star and a hero. This is news to no one.

Trump is too mentally stunted to think rationally in terms of “strategy”. If he wasn’t he’d be smart enough to have had a “strategy” of not pointlessly and repeatedly bullying a nobody, which only called attention to E. Jean Carroll and her complaint. Maybe one in ten thousand people knew her name before he made her famous by repeatedly defaming her and denying her allegation. That cost him $5 million in fines and $3 million in legal fees to Chris Kise and probably a million female voters. If he’d just kept his idiot mouth shut nobody would have heard of her and she wouldn’t have had grounds for a civil case for defamation.

It was an extremely costly unforced error on Trump’s part, but he’s had a lifetime of them, including deciding to run for president. Think about it. Trump Organization would be still be thriving today, successfully conning international investors out of billions, he’d still be paying models to fluff his willy without consequences and his stupid ass wouldn’t be in multiple courtrooms and on its way to federal prison if he hadn’t.

But for him to defame and disparage Carroll again only 24 hours after the initial verdict shows both a compulsion for self-destruction and that he’s devoid of common sense as well. And now $83.3 million poorer because of it.

What do you wanna bet that he doesn’t do it again?


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