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What’s Next?

A question appeared on Quora yesterday asking, How will Trump will respond to the Florida federal indictment. Will he cooperate, flee the country, blame Biden, take a stand, etc?

Perhaps all of the above with the exception of cooperation. Nobody tells Trump what to do. We already know that from his first indictment. Trump is a one-hit wonder still harping about his ample fuck-ups from the 1980s. He’s a malignant narcissist and a lucky sperm who never learned boundaries or even human empathy. He’s had soft landings his entire life. He’s always been spared the consequences of his chronically bad decision making so he never learned about “limits”.

Limits are what three year-olds begin to learn as they discover that they’re not the center of the world. Trump never learned this. When Trump was three, he was earning $200,000/year as a vessel for his corrupt father’s tax dodge. As a result, he’s convinced himself that he knows more than anybody else on the planet across a wide range of subjects. Name it and Trump knows better. Better than doctors, better than generals, better than bankers, better than meteorologists.

Better than his own lawyers for sure. His two key attorneys in the documents case, Jim Trusty and John Rowley, quit on Friday in disagreement with his savant legal genius over how to proceed from last week’s indictments. They join a fast-growing guild of ex-Trump legal counsels, few of whom have anything good to say about him. Ironically, some of them will even be key prosecution witnesses in the stolen documents case. That’s because they’re jealous of his extant Brilliance In All Things. It’s true, it’s true. Everybody knows that.

That’s a long way of saying that whatever path Trump chooses to take is the Right One because he knows he’s never wrong. He never makes a mistake. He never apologizes because he knows he doesn’t have to. He still knows that the kids in the 1989 Central Park Five travesty of justice are all guilty of something, that there’s a mysterious Deep State organized against him and that Madonna wanted to sleep with him. Too bad for her that it’s “thirty four and out the door”.

Trump will stay the course. He’ll scrape together whatever licensed legal types he can find under the sink, assemble yet another  contentious legal team and move forward to the next round of indictments. And the next one. He’ll defy the judge’s orders, leverage his protested victimization into millions of dollars from his gullible cult, blame Democrats as well as slowly-dawning Republicans who’ve ever-so-slowly dislodged their heads from his gargantuan ass and claw for as much TV time as he can to spew as many bald-faced lies as he can.

In the meantime, he’ll fight as dirty as he can to win the GOP nomination. He won’t trust the offered guarantees of a pardon from his feckless GOP opponents either. Narcissists trust nobody. He’ll try to bury them first. How dare they imply that kind of power over him? (Good job with sonny boy there, Fred!)

Worse comes to worst, as it inevitably will, there’s always an Erik Prince exfiltration team, a Global 8000 on the ramp and an SSD full of classified documents as a dowry for whoever will whisk him away to begin his MAGA States of Trumperika government-in-exile.


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