Two Time Loser

On January 13th, the House voted second articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. He’s the first president in history to be impeached twice. A few years from now, after Trump expires from a hastily eaten Chalupa Extreme, school kids will see Trump’s smug face when they open their textbooks to “impeachment”. He is now officially and unconditionally the worst, most corrupt president in US history. What a record:

Popular Elections Won: 0  Impeachments: 2

But let’s be fair. Trump wasn’t completely responsible for January 6. There are no doubts what Trump’s intent was. He organized that “protest” and he invited some of the worst of the worst to attend it — neo-nazi, white supremacist and deranged sovereign citizen groups, Proud Boys and Boogaloo rednecks and unhinged militia ammosexuals, including the geniuses who planned to kidnap Michigan’s governor last October and who also gave us Timothy McVeigh who murdered 168 innocent people in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Trump, his seedy family and sleazy lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, took turns riling up the crowd with a feast of lies and raw meat rhetoric. Then he called on them to march on the Capitol while he bravely slithered back home to watch the fruits of his seditious act on TV. It was a page taken from the history of Hitler’s angry 1938 beer hall rallies which produced Kristallnacht.

But guilt lies also with the gullible. Trumpers are so blinded by their political ignorance and personal hate issues that they can’t see the grifter pulling their strings. It may be the only genuine talent Trump possesses. Most of the blame however remains with the dangerous sociopathic leaders of the extreme right wing movements who came to DC prepared to foment insurrection and to run membership drives, leveraging Trump’s toxic populism for their own purposes.

Irony Stuffed Inside Irony, Wrapped In Irony

The sad irony is that many of the people in the crowd had parents and grandparents who fought and died fighting the Nazis in World War 2. Now they were taking their directions from Nazis to violently assault the iconic center of our democracy, killing, injuring and threatening to kill federal officials. The next irony is that none of those groups actually gives a shit about Trump or his delusional election claims. He simply provided them the cover to act out.

I’ve been following an expert on the white power movement, Kathleen Belew. She’s researched and written extensively about white power organization and their intentions and recruiting efforts. Watch her talk on this. These are seriously scary, sick and motivated animals who wrap themselves in patriotism and the flag like Satan hides behind religion, which they also do, weaponizing Jesus for their sick agendas. It’s no wonder they’ve attached themselves to the poster boy for the Seven Deadly Sins.

A lot of the ring leaders of the January 6 insurrection have already been identified and arrested. Authorities have allegedly charged over 200 participants and arrested over 100 for that riot. The hunt should pick up steam with Biden’s DOJ after the Inauguration. So far, the charges have been relatively minor: trespass, illegal entry of a government building, vandalism, etc. It’s fairly obvious that federal prosecutors intend to wait until after the pardon-happy Trump is gone to stack on the heavier counts: insurrection, manslaughter, assault on federal officers, incitement, conspiracy… charges that could put some of them away for life.

But their movements aren’t going away soon or easily. They will be a tougher enemy to defeat than Al Qaeda because they’ve woven their way into the American body like a malignant cancer. Or maybe they’re more like Herpes.

But here’s the final irony. After harping about a boogeyman “Deep State” since 2015, these idiots have managed to wake up the actual Deep State which has mostly been snoozing since 9/11. Like Trump’s imaginary Deep State, it’s populated with hundreds of thousands of unelected operatives, spies and bureaucrats distributed across dozens of federal agencies with TLAs like DHS, DOJ, IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, DOD, DIA, ATF and NRO. The two more familiar names for it are the “the national security state” and the “rule of law”. The real Deep State are mostly agencies and entities under the Executive branch which since 2017 have reported to Donald Trump so they haven’t had much power to hold him and his drones accountable. Trump spent the past five years poking that hornet’s nest with a stick. Beginning January 21, it’s payback time.

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