Fake #FakeNews

Isn’t is strange that we didn’t have Fake News until we had a fake president with a fake tan, fake hair, fake medical records and fake business accomplishments who was busted for running both a fake university and a fake charity and who used multiple fake pseudonyms to promote fake stories about him? And one who is on the record of telling 23.3 fake stories every day?  And who staffed a cabinet full of fake experts on everything from public health to education?

And a fake injury to excuse him from military service?  And fake claims of academic excellence? And a mail-order bride with, well, fake everything?  And inept offspring with fake job successes?  A malignant narcissist who struts as a fake authority on everything, even about matters about which he’s utterly clueless?

Ironically, being a fake is about the only thing that’s real about Donald Trump.

George Conway is the hubby of one of the shrillest of paid shills for Trump’s relentless fake narratives and fake achievements, Kellyanne Conway.  George used to be a Republican. He even cast a now-regretted vote for Trump in 2016. He is the founder of a Republican PAC, The Lincoln Project, which is focused on Trump’s removal from office. The Lincoln Project released this video, Mourning In America, last week. Trump has been rage-tweeting about him ever since. At a time when Trump should be focusing on the 1.3 million Americans currently suffering from Coronavirus and the 90,000 killed by it on his watch, with the world almost universally condemning his inept, apathetic handling of this crisis and his own FEMA predicting 200,000 Coronavirus infections per day in June, and 3,000 deaths daily, Trump has instead done what he’s always done: obsessed on himself.

Conway followed up with a brilliant deconstruction of this empty suit of a president in the Washington Post, which sent Trump into yet another foaming tirade of rage, bile and elementary schoolyard taunts, even as the polls report that a majority of Americans agree with Conway’s assertion that Trump screwed up on the handling of this pandemic.


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