Did Trump promise a “bloodbath” if he loses in 2024?

Did Trump promise a “bloodbath” if he doesn’t win 2024? Why, yes, he did! The social media sites are on fire about it.

I don’t know if it’s because Trump is such an obnoxious blowhard that nobody who isn’t a cult member is actually listening to him anymore but the threat had nothing to do with another January 6th and everything to do with Trump’s usual fear-mongering, elementary school vocabulary and his always-on hypocrisy.

Trump’s “bloodbath” comment wasn’t in reference to another insurrection by Ya’ll Qaeda. It was a different expression of stupidity. You’ve gotta listen to the speech it came from to appreciate the absurdity of it. Trump was referencing Mexican and Chinese automakers flooding the US market with cheap cars and the profits being pocketed by evil foreign governments. I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen any Mexican or Chinese marqued cars on the streets of NYC. I see GMs, Fords and Chryslers partially constructed in Mexican factories owned by American companies.

Just for clarification, Chevy’s Nova model name means “a bright star”, not “it doesn’t run” in Spanish.

Listen to the speech this “bloodbath” comment came from to appreciate the true depth of the hypocrisy here. It’s stunning.

Absurdity #1: those Mexican auto factories were enabled by NAFTA, the North American Fair Trade Agreement, which was written and passed in 1994 by a neocon Republican congress that wanted to punish the UAW, one of the largest Democratic party strongholds. During his 2016 campaign Trump bitched and showboated about NAFTA being “the worst trade deal ever made!” But…

Absurdity #2: when Trump regrettably won and had GOP majorities in both houses they put their little heads together, scrapped NAFTA and wrote… NAFTA.  In the end, NAFTA2 turned out to be just NAFTA1 with slightly different frosting and some additional stuff about copyrights and dairy farms. In other words, Trump and the Republicans own the very trade agreement that Trump is attacking now. This “bloodbath” will happen because of something they are 100% responsible for.

Absurdity #3: in his speech, Trump promised to deal with it by passing a 100% tariff on Mexican-made cars. This lowbrow choad didn’t learn a thing from his last tariff jerk off: that American consumers and businesses are the ones who pay those tariffs and his last one was de facto the largest tax increase on the middle class since the 1980s: $80 billion!

Absurdity #4: it’s the Big Three American automakers who would suffer for it, not Mexico or China. China in particular would just use Mexican factories to save shipping costs while dumping its vehicles in Central and South America. Honda, VW, Toyota, et al don’t construct their cars in Mexico. They outsource to plants right here in the US.


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